Understanding the Detox you Will go Through While Changing Your Diet

The bottom line is your diet and environment over the years has accumulated a lot of junk, which has been stored in your body fat and cells from things like food additives, beauty products, household cleaners, environmental pollution, hot tub and swimming pool additives and a whole myriad of invisible toxic substances. Under the right conditions, your body starts releasing toxins from its cells into the blood stream where you start to notice you are not feeling well.

Ginger root is a powerful detoxification agent

This initial state of detoxification can last up to several weeks, depending on how much has accumulated and how much the body is stimulated to release. Since most of the toxins are stored in the fat that has accumulated around your organs in your muffin waste, this is where most of the repair activity will take place. To initiate this repair, the body pulls energetic resources from your extremities to help reconstruct what the toxins have damaged. The muscles in the arms and legs now have less energy to ‘do’ physical work so they feel weak and the body feels lethargic.

There is in fact more energy because the body is busy shunting out the toxins and restoring more healthy function to vital organs but the mind is having difficulty maintaining normal daily activity and it too feels sluggish. This is the time where more rest and sleep are crucial to allow for less muscular work and more repair as the detoxification process progresses. Resorting to products that hasten this process or using stimulants to cope with the perceived weakness, only retard the regenerative process and defeat the whole process of the detox. Letting the body do its thing in its own time is vital to a detox success.

Symptoms of detoxification can include skin rashes or pimples, headaches, sore muscles and joints, sinus discharge, colds, flu-like symptoms, fever, mouth sores, bowel irregularity or diarrhea, nausea, lack of motivation, fatigue, perceived weakness, irritability, frequent urination, depression, and a whole pile of symptoms that one would not associate with a detox process. If you can recognize these symptoms and allow the body to work through them naturally, you will soon begin to notice how much better you feel. Keep in mind that detox can be cyclical as the body releases in stages.

By letting the body rest and recover on its own the cycles of detox can be more tolerable. If you have initiated this process through fasting or a deliberate detox then you can initiate it near the end of the week, so you have the weekend to rest and allow the body to flush itself as you ingest more fluids. The more you rest, the milder the symptoms will be and the more rapidly the discomfort will dissipate.

Deliberate detoxing is a really wise move considering how toxic our world and our food supply has become. It is even more important if you are overweight as your fat is your toxic warehouse. Getting rid of both will reduce your predisposition to a whole myriad of serious and chronic diseases which will only make you suffer.

Detoxing can be likened to drinking from the fountain of youth. Rejuvenation begins to occur where cells are freed from their toxic load. Symptoms appear. The body recovers and you feel better. Then the cycle happens again, particularly if you have improved your diet, but this time the cycle is slightly shorter than the last detox. The initial feeling of well-being is replaced by a symptom or a cluster of symptoms. Perhaps a headache presents itself or some nausea. Then those symptoms abruptly disappear and you feel better again than you did before. After a while you develop chills and your nose will not stop running. You feel like you have the flu and you may even develop what feels like canker sores in your mouth. This too, disappears and you feel much better than you did before this bout of detox.

If you do not interfere with the body’s procees, you will probably find you are feeling better than you have for years. A specific symptom like a rash or a cough, may be the body’s way of releasing a chronic condition you have had or what could develop into a serious illness. Letting the body do its thing is important. It knows what to do to heal itself.

These ever diminishing cycles of symptoms and recovery are how the body restores health and as the toxins disappear, there is no longer any need for the fat cells that contained them so the body releases them too. Not only do you become thinner, you restore your health. As your fat stores reduce, so does your blood sugar readings! Bonus!

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